The central tool for all Tesla Product Specialists in stores and at marketing events. It allows content about the company and cars to be presented to customers along with collecting information for test drives and new leads.


Test Drives

A Tesla test drive is different that most others. Owner Advisors capture customer driver's license information by simply swiping a license using an attached dongle or by scanning the barcode on the back (or entering manually). Customers simply read and accept the test drive waiver by tapping. No paper, no fuss. Sales users are able to select themselves as the “co-pilot”, which is pulled from a central user database. Customer data is then sent directly to the CRM system.

Lead Capture

In-store Product Specialists intake the information of potential customers including their name, email, location, phone, and notes, which are synced back to the CRM.


Photos of Model S, the Tesla Factory, and other key images are maintained on flickr and downloaded locally to the device to show to customers.


Tesla-produced videos that are centrally maintained can be played for customers. Product Specialists can also “throw” the videos up on any of the screens in-store for easier viewing and to grab the attention of other customers.

Training Resources

Training documentation for all global sales is available on the devices and maintained in a repository by the Sales Training Team.

Offline Sync

Sales users can use the app without an internet connection and all data (test drives, leads, etc.) are stored locally until an internet connection is established. The data is then synced to the CRM systems & removed from the device.

Fully Localized

Fully localized for all of Tesla's markets: North America, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Japan, & Australia.

Fully Integrated

Fully integrated with CRM, ERP, financial, manufacturing and service systems.