My Tesla fundamentally changed the car buying experience for the better. What was was once defined by pushy salesmen, high-pressure, stacks of paperwork, stuffy cubicles and bad coffee has been transformed into a fully digital shopping experience. 

After picking their battery pack, color, wheels, roof, interior details, along with other options and placing the $2,500 deposit customers receive a customized dashboard with all of the cars they own or have on order. Each vehicle has its own profile that allows customers to provide Tesla with all of the information the company needs to build, deliver and service their car.

[Ordering a Model S] was refreshing since it was done on my laptop from the comfort of my study at home, interacting directly with the manufacturer, eliminating the need to go to a dealer, and having the car delivered by a knowledgeable Tesla employee. So not only has Tesla reinvented the car, it has also turned the buying process upside down, and in a good way.
— Consumer Reports


Owners are able to provide Tesla with complete registration, delivery, and accessory shipping information.

Document Hub

A Document Hub allows customers to upload all necessary documents for registration such as copies of their driver's license, insurance cards, and proof of business. Also allows Tesla staff to add documents that a customer may need such as their Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement when obtaining financing.

Delivery Scheduling

When preparing for the arrival for their cars, owners can schedule a pick-up appointment at their nearest service center based on real-time location availability.

Final Payment

US customers complete the full final payment of their car online via an ACH bank transfer through a tool that includes and displays final price including all taxes, fees, financing & trade-in amounts, along with any other payments.

Mobile App

The mobile app that allows owners the ability to lock/unlock doors, open sunroof, and honk the horn, among other things, is activated as soon as the car is systematically marked delivered.

Fully Localized

Fully localized for all of Tesla's markets: North America, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Japan, & Australia.

FullY Integrated

Fully integrated with CRM, ERP, financial, manufacturing and service systems.